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Indonesia is a fascinating country comprised of over 17500 islands, making fishing and water transport a major part of every day life. Fishing boats are abundant all around the islands. They are beautiful, colorful, and mesmerizing. As they age over time and cannot safely be used, they’re either turned into firewood, or if we’re lucky, be purchased by our furniture suppliers, who will turn them into beautiful functional furniture simply known as boat wood furniture, renowned for their vibrant colors and exotic look.

The boats are dried and carefully dismantled. The resulting planks are cleaned, sorted by size and thickness, sanded down and restored into appropriate pieces. The larger piece are used to make furniture whereas the smaller shoots are turned into decorative accents. Nothing goes to waste and event the saw dust is saved and used for fuel and cooking.

The many years of use and several layered of applied paint, gracefully weather over time and creates a striking rich one-of-akind piece of furniture. Most boat wood is made teak wood or other hard oily woods. Having existed in salt water, boat wood is naturally resistant to the elements making it strong and durable.

Boat Wood Home Bar in Orlando
Boat Wood Dinning Set in Orlando
Boat Wood Table
Boat Wood Chair
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